GME shows we don’t participate in a free market

Something incredible is currently underway between retail investors (the general public) and big money hedge funds over GameStop. Yes, that very same brick-and-mortar store that sells video games. While this current situation has the potential to redistribute considerable wealth, it has also showcased just how closed the stock market really is.

Dividends Investing

Best UK investing apps

Looking to invest in the stock markets and don’t know where to start? No longer do you need a computer to trade shares in companies. All that’s required is your smartphone and an app. I’ve rounded up some of the best brokerage apps on the UK app market.


Trading 212: Invest or ISA

Trading 212 offers three types of accounts: CFD, Invest, and ISA. The latter two are what I use and recommend everyone else rely on, whilst CFD is where you can lose (or gain) large sums of money. But Invest and ISA are pretty similar, so which should you choose to use?