100 Challenge Investing

Starting the £100/mo investment challenge

And we’re off!

I’m doing something a little different. I was browsing around YouTube, as one does, and came across plenty of media surrounding the earnings these content creators have been able to pour into portfolios, thanks to ad revenue. It’s not relatable for the individual investor, which is why I want to showcase the power of the stock market with a small challenge.

My £100/mo investment challenge is precisely that. I’m going to be investing just £100 per month, broken down into four £25 chunks to buy shares in a single stock. This is to show anyone with a small amount to spare for building wealth just how easy it can be to get into investing — You don’t need more than £100,000 locked away thanks to YouTube.

I’m going to be using my dividend tracker spreadsheet to keep tabs on how the portfolio is progressing, providing monthly reports right here on my blog. I’ll also be opening up access to this spreadsheet so you can glance at it live and see how just a small amount invested can (hopefully) grow into something that provides considerable returns.

The stock I’ve selected for this challenge is one of the dividend favorites, Realty Income (O). It’s branded as “The Dividend Company,” which makes it the perfect candidate. If you’re not familiar with Realty Income, it’s an American real estate investment trust (REIT), which essentially purchases and leases out property.

At a price of $69.42, our initial £25 investment purchased 0.49 shares with an FX fee of £0.04, resulting in a total of £24.82. I’ll keep the remaining £0.18 aside for future transactions and/or fees. (We’re using Trading 212 for this £100/mo challenge.)

The first Realty Income stock purchase.

The monthly dividend payments should hopefully bolster our portfolio to provide stable returns on a small, but consistent investment plan. You can follow the progress of this challenge on the main £100/mo investment challenge hub, which is linked above, as well as my blog homepage.

By Rich Edmonds

Rich creates content for the top Windows-focused publication, but by night he tries to make his money work for him and rambles far too much here.

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