Polish investment portfolio and dividend spreadsheet tracker

I’ve launched a new Polish template for my investment portfolio and dividend tracker!

I’ve done the unthinkable. I’m now launching a new template to go alongside the existing Canadian, EU, UK, and U.S. templates for my dividend tracker. If you live in Poland and want my spreadsheet converting everything to the Polish złoty, you’re in luck.

Compared to the other templates, not much has changed with the PLN template, other than a few improvements to the formula here and there. I’ve bumped this initial release version to 0.95, which will be reflected in the other templates too. If you’re running one of the existing spreadsheets, please do see the upcoming changelog to see what’s new.

For my fellow Poles, you can now access the PL spreadsheet template to copy across a portfolio and dividend tracker with everything configured for the Polish złoty. I am double sure everything should be working as intended, but please do contact me if you notice anything that isn’t quite right.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the spreadsheet works, please do follow my guide closely, which will run you through each tab.

By Rich Edmonds

Rich creates content for the top Windows-focused publication, but by night he tries to make his money work for him and rambles far too much here.

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