Matched Betting

Remember seeing all those “Lucy spends just one hour of each day and makes £4,000 per week! GUARANTEED!” adverts? Well, matched betting is a term you may be familiar with. If not, it’s nothing like those get-rich-quick schemes you see around the online world. This is the real deal but requires capital, focus, and determination to make a tidy return. Just like investing in stocks.

I’m not interested in schemes that require you to run an online store or sit through some webinars to learn about day trading or some other ponzi offer. This was my initial fear with matched betting when I came across Profit Accumulator. If you’re in the UK and fancy making some money on the side, this is a great way to go.

Get started today

Want to learn a little more about matched betting and how you can make some money off bookmakers at their own game? Check out Profit Accumulator using the link below and you’ll be helping me out a little in the process!

You won’t get rich. You could lose some money if you’re not careful, but following in-depth online guides and tapping into the vast, helpful community, you’ll be making £100 per month in no time at all.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting (also known as lay bet matching) is a technique used by punters to play bookmakers at their own game. It relies heavily on free bets and other promotional incentives released by bookmakers (or “bookies”) to entice customers into spending their hard-earned cash.

It’s considered risk-free because you’re not technically placing standard bets as you would normally on a bookies website. Instead, some mathematics is employed to work out the best way to minimize loss and maximize profit by placing bets against one another and reaping the rewards.

It’s possible to do this alone by scouring bookie and exchange websites (you place bets with bookmakers and use exchanges to lay counter bets), but services like Profit Accumulator help automate everything so you can place bets to net you £4 with just five minutes of your time.

What is Profit Accumulator?

Profit Accumulator is one of many services that offer a way to automate the process of finding bets that can be utilized with bookmaker promotions to make money. This website has curated guides for various offers from bookmakers and explains how you can make money from them.

There are various tools available too so you can take advantage of any offers a bookie may present to you directly. There are guides covering everything from sign-up offers with sports to reload (a term used to describe recurring offers) promotions using casino games.

To help show just how lucrative matched betting can be, Profit Accumulator provides a free trial with a few examples to earn you up to £40. It’s risk-free (no card required) at this point so give it a try and see if matched betting is for you.

Matched betting tracker

I’ve released yet another spreadsheet. Soon I’ll be known as Mr. Google Sheets. It’s a simple tracker at heart, consisting of just six tabs, though you’ll focus on just two or three depending on how active you are with matched betting. Some websites like Profit Accumulator allow you to save various bets you place to track profits and whatnot, but I prefer to keep tabs on everything on my own.

The spreadsheet tracker has been in use for a full year, since I started using Profit Accumulator in March 2021. I’ve recorded each and every bet placed, as well as those offers that involve playing some casino games. Profit is displayed per bookmaker and everything is neatly presented to let me know how I’m performing each month.

If you’d like to learn more or try out my matched betting tracker, I’ve got a full in-depth guide on how to use it right here on my blog.