Dividend Tracker 0.93 update: Incorrect conversions

Updating the sheet so it doesn’t convert your converted currencies.

Converting currency is difficult, but this task is made more difficult with my dividend portfolio tracker spreadsheet, which appeared to be converting currencies twice. This didn’t have an impact on the main market tabs, only the main summary view for the charts.

I’m not entirely sure how I managed to configure the spreadsheet to convert currencies twice, but there we go. Luckily, this wouldn’t have impacted figures in the main market tabs, nor the summary table where you can quickly glance at your portfolio performance.

It’s a quick and easy fix, which you can find below.


  • Fixed incorrect conversions in the Data tab.

How do I update my tracker?

This is an easy update to apply to your template. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Select each cell C14 to E14 in the Data tab. Remove the last part of the formula after the closing bracket. Should be something like *H16. This is converting the already converted number.
  2. Do the same for the cells O14 to Q14. Note that some of these cells may not have that part of the formula, which should be your base currency/market.
  3. Drag each cell all the way to the end of the spreadsheet to copy the code to the corresponding cells.

By Rich Edmonds

Rich creates content for the top Windows-focused publication, but by night he tries to make his money work for him and rambles far too much here.

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