Dividend Tracker 0.4 update: More charts!

I’ve released another update for the spreadsheet tracker, bringing fancy new charts!

It’s time for another quick update to the spreadsheet tracker. I’ve added more charts, because everyone loves to see data visualised. The goal with this tracker and dividend investing is to improve your life. A great way of aiding this is to have you spend as less time as possible gazing at this spreadsheet.

I already added four charts to the summary screen, but there’s always room for more. While it’s good to see how much your portfolio is worth, its history, annual dividend payouts, and sector diversification, I wanted more visual aids.

Diversified charts

One of two new charts added to summary tab is for the breakdown of securities. Should you be investing in multiple markets, this chart will showcase the total value of all your shares in each market. It’s a neat way of checking up on how heavy you’re investing in a particular market.

The second chart is for stock diversification. I’m not sure as to how I managed to miss this, but I’ve finally added it. Like sectors, it’s unwise to focus too heavily in a single stock.

Should you throw all your money into a particular company and it either slashes its dividend or worse, you’ll lose far more than if you properly diversified your stock portfolio. This cart will help you do this.


  • Added two new charts on the summary tab.
  • Reordered the securities list and tabs to reflect the different tracker editions.
  • Made the data tab easier to browse and use.

How do I update my tracker?

Make sure you already renamed the previously copied template you’re currently using. With an updated release like this one, simply copy across a new version to your Google Docs. Then follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Securities chart over onto your Summary tab. Use the securities and value columns for data.
  2. Move everything on the Data tab in column C onwards across to leave enough free columns for each of your markets and a total.
  3. Copy the formula in C14 and onwards (including the total column) in the template that reflects your markets and paste into your Data tab in the same location. Once you have the first row sorted, copy the cells all the way to the bottom of the sheet.
  4. Copy the Stock Diversification chart over onto your Summary tab. Use B and stock diversification columns for data.

By Rich Edmonds

Rich creates content for the top Windows-focused publication, but by night he tries to make his money work for him and rambles far too much here.

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