What is dividend investing?

Dividend investing is a particular stock trading strategy, which essentially focuses on investing in companies and make your money work for you. Instead of attempting to time the market and make a quick buck in the short term, dividend investing is all about the long game. This strategy requires you to pick and choose stocks that pay out cash to shareholders on a regular basis for reinvestment. It’s how I go about making money and I’m going to show you why you should consider it too.


Investing on hold due to COVID-19

Just when you think you have a clear run during hard times, life throws you a curve ball. That’s exactly what occurred to my investing strategy to push through COVID-19. I’m lucky enough to work from home for my day job, which is brilliant for a pandemic that requires everyone to … well, work from home. Thing is, this world issue also affected my landlord. Having just started investing, this is the last thing my portfolio needed.


Hello, world!

Welcome to my blog. This is probably the 25th attempt at launching a blog on this domain within the last two decades. The major difference between this attempt and the previous 24? I’m dead set on making this one last, simply because I truly believe in the message behind the blog. Ready to join along for the ride?