So tsunamis are an actual disaster in Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skylines

Starting up a new game in Cities: Skylines, I decided to try out an older map, which was a bad idea. My city, which only just hit 1,800 people was hit by a tsunami. But this wasn’t just any tsunami, it essentially wiped out the entire population in the first wave. Service buildings were destroyed and even homes located on higher ground were taken out. Bad times. Continue reading “So tsunamis are an actual disaster in Cities: Skylines”

The slow and painful death of community forums

Forum Promotion

Community forums were once the number one destination for millions around the world to engage with one another in discussions that span a number of topics, depending on that specific website. I’ve been involved with community management and forum software for more than a decade, but I feel it’s time to take a quick look at how forums continue to be en-route a slow death. Continue reading “The slow and painful death of community forums”

You’re right to no longer trust pre-ordering

No Man's Sky

Video games are now huge. The industry has grown to surpass both music and film over the past decade and even eSports (professional gaming sports) is building traction to go head-to-head against real sports. Thing is, not everything is rosy. Pre-ordering remains to be a real pain in the side of gamers, especially with titles that fail to live up to marketing promises.

Here’s why you’re right to not trust pre-ordering. Continue reading “You’re right to no longer trust pre-ordering”