Best books to learn about investing 2021

If you want some material to read through on investing and dividends, try one of these books.

Reading books is still the best way (in my opinion, of course) of absorbing information. While I encourage you to browse my blog, it’s always best to read pages written by the experts. I’ve rounded up some of the best books I’ve read on investing to help get you introduced to the markets and set up with your own portfolio.

Intelligent Investor

Benjamin Graham is a legend in the investing world, having successfully played the markets in the early nineties. He taught and advised plenty of souls worldwide and now this book is at hand to walk you through the steps to develop long-term strategies.

It’s a little tough to follow if you’re brand new to investing, but the book is one of the best resources I’ve come across. Whilst it contains Graham’s original text, this revised edition includes updated commentary by noted financial journalist Jason Zweig, whose perspective incorporates the realities of today’s market.

The Single Best Investment

I hold this book to heart as it’s the first investment material I purchased in the physical form. Written by Lowell Miller, resident of Miller/Howard Investments, it’s packed full of juicy information. The best part about The Single Best Investment is how easy it is to follow, even if you’re only just starting out.

The pages contained within cover dividends, growth companies, minimising risk, as well as highlighting traditional evaluation tools and simple rules for choosing the best stocks.

The Ultimate Dividend Playbook

It’s no secret that there’s plenty of money to be made by timing the markets just right, but not everyone has countless hours each day to spare and follow numerous charts. This is where The Ultimate Dividend Playbook comes into … well, play. Written by Josh Peters, editor of the monthly Morningstar DividendInvestor newsletter, it’s packed full of dividend-focused information.

If you needed additional material to show why you don’t have to try to beat the market, this book is it. It’ll even walk you through using dividends to capture the income and growth you seek. A must-have.

Dividend Growth Machine

Nathan Winklepleck is a researcher and adviser at Donaldson Capital Management and his book on the Dividend Growth Machine is a good one to read through. It’s an easy-to-follow book on why traditional strategies fail, how to improve your portfolio without risk, how to outperform passive strategies, and why dividends are the common-sense way to build wealth.

If you’re looking to get into investing and wish to follow the same path as I, the Dividend Growth Machine is a solid place to start.

By Rich Edmonds

Rich creates content for the top Windows-focused publication, but by night he tries to make his money work for him and rambles far too much here.

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