Who’s this Rich guy?

It’s strange since I absolutely love writing, but when it comes to describing a few words about myself, I seem to stumble. Still, it’s only right that I explain my background a little before you take anything I publish on this blog without a truckload of salt.

The name’s Rich Edmonds. I’ve been writing about and covering the technology sector for the better part of a decade. Prior to starting this creative profession in 2010, I worked at a Search Engine Optimisation agency, based out of London.

That beautiful lady stood next to me in the photo above is my lovely partner. As well as wanting to make my money go further in life and hopefully reach the end goal of financial freedom, I’m on a journey with Ophelia, documenting our stopovers on Instagram.

Investing in blogging

The majority of millennials, including my past self, never bother to invest. We inherited quite the financial situation from the previous caretakers. Most of the people I know at my age aren’t in the professions they dreamed and worked so hard for in education.

They also don’t have the necessary funds set aside for emergencies, let alone for retirement. I was in a similar position throughout my twenties, focusing more on new vehicle leases and other less important expenses. Hitting thirty changed my outlook entirely.

I discovered investing. Or rather, I actually decided to invest my money into the stock market. I’ve been following the markets for years, but never had the opportunity to part with some cash and see just how amazing owning stocks can be. That was until I started researching dividends.

That’s when I decided to aim for financial independence. I want to retire at a younger age, not having to rely on my state and private pensions alone, and enjoy life. I want my money to work for me, providing companies with capital to utilize, whilst I enjoy the benefits of regular minute payments. This is what I blog about here on my personal home.

I’m by no means a financial advisor and you shouldn’t use anything I publish here as a base for your investment decisions. I provide information as is and for educational and entertainment purposes. Always be wary with investing in stocks and seek professional guidance if you have doubts or questions.