I’m skipping Forza 7 because of loot crates

Forza has turned into a loot box fest, thanks to Microsoft wanting to absorb yet more money from this beloved franchise. I have a soft spot for the motor racing sim series and it saddens me that the company has decided to take this route. Thus, I’ll be skipping Forza 7 and will not be handing Microsoft a single dime because of its decision.

From Ars Technica:

As of press time, Forza Motorsport 7 does not let you pay real money for its CR coins or for its loot boxes. But that will almost certainly change.

I do not like, and this is exactly what will happen. I get it; people like grinding and progression. I do too to a certain extent, but throwing loot crates into Forza (which costs £40) for me to unlock mods to earn more CR and other content is just taking it a little too far. Especially when one considers that you’ll be spending real money in the future.

These mods can include things that affect the race, which in turn affects just how much CR you will earn. It’s essentially seeing players invest CR to earn more CR. A strange concept. And this is one that has removed what was a pretty neat difficulty system in the past. Previously, we could have altered race settings, which determined whether we earned more or less CR.

Forza 7

We’ve lost the Forza spark in terms of CR earnings by doing away with options and bonuses for allowing players to play how they wish. Now, you’ll be tied to grinding for loot in crates — in a racing game, in a bloody racing game — if you wish to earn more CR somehow, utilizing skill with a controller.

Oh, and you can now dress up your avatar. Nice, but no thanks.