So tsunamis are an actual disaster in Cities: Skylines

Starting up a new game in Cities: Skylines, I decided to try out an older map, which was a bad idea. My city, which only just hit 1,800 people was hit by a tsunami. But this wasn’t just any tsunami, it essentially wiped out the entire population in the first wave. Service buildings were destroyed and even homes located on higher ground were taken out. Bad times.

Well, damn. The city continued to get battered by another five waves. It seems as though this wasn’t a mere tsunami, but the end of civilization as I know it. What made this interesting and had me write this short but sweet post was the fact that this turned out to be the most fun I’ve had with Cities: Skylines, simply because it forced me to adapt to what was on the table.

That 38,000 in the bank was lost in moments. I had to turn down services, turn off buildings and more to get finances under control while things rebuilt, only to be battered a few more times before the city was able to get back on track. This was my first Cities: Skylines playthrough where I felt an attachment to my city, having been through tough times. Here’s hoping other disasters have a similar effect.