Nostalgia brought me back to Old School RuneScape

So I’ve been enjoying some classic time in Might & Magic VII, but grinding some levels in Ragnarok Online with some mates got me thinking. Not about when I’m going to die next in this brutal online title or when my level meter will ding, but about an old MMORPG I used to enjoy as a teenager. I’m talking about RuneScape.

If you’re not familiar with RuneScape, it’s an MMORPG that was created in the 00s by Cambridge-based developer and publisher Jagex. It was huge and was built in Java. After an update or two in 2008 onwards, the company managed to lose a massive number of players but retains tens of thousands of online players at any given time.

The main client is now HTML and runs in a dedicated client, and since I’m not a fan of the new style and microtransactions, cosmetics, etc. I was blessed to find out there’s an Old School RuneScape — a backup copy of the game back in 2007 was released as a separate version and is supported by continued development to this day. So alongside the main RuneScape game, Jagex is also developing Old School RuneScape, before some of the bad updates hit the game.

So, I fired up Old School RuneScape and it all instantly hit me. As an added bonus, there are more than 50,000 players online at a time, surpassing that of the main game. Now, excuse me while I clock up some hours chopping down some wood, mining ores, and pk’ing n00bs.