DrDisRespect perfectly fuses entertainment with game streaming

Dr DisRespect

There’s only really one gaming streamer I follow, subscribe to, and watch each and every session — DrDisRespect. The character, portrayed by Guy Beahm, has taken the Twitch (and streaming) community by storm, amassing more than 20,000 subscribers and 600,000 followers alone in just a year.

The former multiplayer level designer behind Call of Duty, Beahm has created an incredibly addictive experience for viewers. Not only is DrDisRespect engaging and hilarious at points, but Beahm is also highly skilled at first-person shooter titles. The game he mainly focuses on at the moment is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Tuning in, for around 7 to 8 hours, viewers can expect to see some clutch wins, entertaining outbursts, dancing, and killer retro synthwave tunes. It’s a fantastic, highly-entertaining show that brings something unique to the table. Transitions, cutscenes, effective use of green screens, and solid interactions with the chat and other streamers. Throw in charitable events and giveaways and you have a winning formula.

The thing with DrDisRespect is that he’s not meant to be taken seriously, which some fail to understand. If you have yet to check out the Twitch channel, I highly recommend you view some of the more recent sessions.