My £100/mo investment challenge

I was browsing the YouTubes to see my fellow content creators have been uploading for financial entertainment and it struck me — they’re all doing “how my portfolio is progressing” videos. This got me thinking. Why don’t I do one right here on my blog, but instead of using inflated YouTube money, why don’t I restrict it to a realistic amount?

This is where the idea behind a £100 per month investment challenge came into existence. No one asked for it, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. (You should read up on my how to invest guides whilst following this series.)

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What is the £100/mo challenge

The goal of this challenge is simple. I’m going to invest £100, split into four £25 chunks for weekly purchases of the same stock. That’s right, we’re going all-in with a single stock. Why just one stock, you ask? Having a diversified portfolio is a better method of safeguarding investments for the average Joe, but … my name isn’t Joe.

I’m going to monitor the performance of a single stock with £100 invested each and every month. If you’re looking to start out, this is a much more relatable program. You may only have a small amount set aside each month and this will showcase just how easy it is to make your money work for you.

YouTubers can easily make thousands once they’ve crossed the threshold and made it into the algorithm. This then separates them from individual investors who may not have £2,000 to spare each month. Having a portfolio of more than £100,000 can also put people off since it’s well out of reach for their current financial situations.

£100/mo challenge rules

This is more of an experiment, rather than an actual challenge, but I want to see how far we can take this portfolio. I’m going to be using my dividend tracker spreadsheet, so if you’re interested in using that resource this can be a great insight into how it works in a real setting.

There are some strict rules I’ll need to adhere by:

  • Invest £100 per month.
  • Invest £25 of that amount every Monday.
  • Invest only in a single stock.
  • Reinvest any (and all) earned dividends.
  • Do not sell positions.

I’m going to be weathering the storm and dollar-cost averaging each week to hopefully see some considerable gains and growth on our initial invested amount. I’ve gone into some detail about the power of compounding growth for retiring early, and this is exactly what dividends allow for.