Hello there!

The name’s Rich and you’ve managed to reach my humble abode. By day I create content for a network of publications. In the evening, I tend to venture online and make my money work for me. The aim is to achieve financial freedom and I’m going to be documenting my journey right here.

Financial freedom is all about being in control of your finances. Being able to do what you want, when you want.

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You’ve stumbled onto my personal website. Firstly, thanks for stopping by! Secondly, this online resource is being built around becoming financially independent or free. In 2020, this became a major goal of mine after a full decade of essentially washing good money down the drain. Since hitting the big 30, it was time I put my regular income to better use.

I’m not a trained financial advisor, nor did I have much experience in the stock markets, though I did follow news, analysis, and plenty of memes on Reddit. Creating an account with the UK-based broker Trading212, I was off on a new adventure. This is one I’ll continue documenting here to help spread the word about investing, particularly dividend-focused income.

“Watching your first dividend come in is an incredible feeling.”

Watching your first dividend come in is an incredible feeling, and I mean that sincerely. Seeing a small payment of less than £1 hit my account made me sit back and gasp in awe at what I’ve been missing out on. This is also what paired up really well with my love for spreadsheets. And so I created a Google Sheet to track all my dividend investing.

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This is where I get a little serious. I use a dividend portfolio tracking spreadsheet to track every trade, dividend income, and more. In my opinion, you shouldn’t be a dividend investor without it.

Dividend Tracker

So I went and created a dividend portfolio tracker, but you could use it for general investing too. What it does is allows you to enter all your transactions, no matter the currency and market, converting everything to your base currency, and populating pretty graphs.

Using Google Sheets, this tracker is handy to keep tabs on all your stocks and how they’re performing. It’s all live too, pulling pricing and conversion rates from Google itself. If I’m honest, it works like magic!