Rich EdmondsOh, hello! Welcome to my personal hub on this thing called the internet. You’ll be able to read through some of my ramblings while internetting, connect with me through various social media profiles (I’ve seriously lost count of how many I own), and get in touch should you wish to have a chat about something.

So, just who am I and why should you even be reading this bio? I currently write content for Windows Central, part of the Mobile Nations network of publications. I’ve been part of the team since late-2010, prior to which I was working at an Search Engine Optimisation agency in central London.

As well as being incredibly interested in technology and smartphones as a whole, I spend a fair amount of time playing video games, amassing hundreds of hours on my Steam account alone. I use this personal blog to provide updates on general stuff that doesn’t really fit well elsewhere, while social media and streaming platforms are where I’ll be 99% of the time.