Why aren’t there more women competing in eSports?

Women in eSports

The gaming community is sexist! eSports organizations are sexist! The world is sexist! These are the cries of feminists and those who hold similar views. The reason we have few women competing in eSports is because of sexism. There have even been a few articles done on the subject. You wish to know my thoughts? I call bullshit. The reason women don’t play in eSports as much as men are simply because not as many women compete in eSports. It’s that simple. Read More »

Why YouTube Heroes is a terrible idea

YouTube Heroes

YouTube has a problem with its community. Comments are usually full of hate speech and general off-topic crap, giving moderators of channels a tedious task. There’s also the issue with wrongly flagged content nd other issues that plague creators on the platform. What’s Google’s answer to all of these problems? YouTube Heroes. I’m now going to run through why it’s a terrible idea. Read More »